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How To Make Sustainable Change


Get our guide on how to get started AND stay on track with your current health goals.


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How to Make Sustainable Change

Get our free guide on how to get started AND stay on track with your current health goals.


Welcome to Project Revive!


Your online health hub of integrative solutions for long-term wellbeing ~ brought to you by clinical psychologist Dr Karen Faisandier and biomedically-trained Naturopath Felicity Leahy. 

Straight from our clinic to your home, Project Revive is dedicated to creating digital resources to make reaching your wellness goals more affordable, accessible and achievable.

Juggling work, study, relationships, family, or other stressors are challenges so many of us face in modern life  – and can tip us over into periods of chronic stress, exhaustion, and overwhelm. Living with anxiety, health problems, emotional or relational stress, or unresolved trauma can also keep us stuck in a vicious cycle of stress or despair. 

We're here to help! 


Are you experiencing:

  • Anxiety, panic attacks, or emotional overwhelm?

  • Sleep disturbance or insomnia?

  • Difficulties with memory, attention and focus?

  • Episodes of low mood, hopelessness or despair?

  • “Burnout” or deep fatigue and exhaustion?

  • Feelings of disconnection or loneliness?

  • A sense of dependency on caffeine, alcohol, sugar or devices?

  • Chronic health issues such as period problems, hormonal concerns and autoimmune disease?

  • Gut-health woes like pain and bloating, food sensitivities, or Irritable Bowel Syndrome?

Ever wondered if it's not supposed to be like this?

How we can help 


We’ve supported so many people in our clinics with these types of health concerns over the years, by integrating psychological, nutritional and lifestyle strategies into a recovery framework to untangle from modern stress, support mental wellbeing, and cultivate optimal health. Our mental health affects our physical body and vice versa; our nutrition and lifestyle practices influence how we think, feel, relate and behave. It’s all intimately connected!

But applying this framework 1-to-1 is so inefficient. As the demand for services crept up throughout the pandemic, we realised we needed a new way of helping our community – and so Project Revive was born!

Grounded in practical and evidence-based clinical experience, Project Revive offers a selection of resources, articles and courses carefully curated to support different aspects of your physical and psychological well-being. Some are self-led to be explored at your own pace, others are guided programmes with feedback and support. No matter what course you choose, they are all designed to be easily absorbed with an abundance of tools and techniques that you can put into practice - in your own time and without the need for a consultation.







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